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Capricorns are contraindicated shopping, and the Lions will get rid of a long-standing problem / – Far East Information Agency

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Sunrise: 06:08
Sunset: 18:59
The sun in Aries.

Aries. Aries will receive an interesting business offer. It will be a kind of challenge, because you will have to make a lot of effort to meet the expectations of new partners.

Taurus. Today you can face the problems of the past, play on the lead and start solving them. Do not be afraid to ask for help from loved ones, after all, they will also have to turn to you one day.

The twins. If you just sit and wait for the gifts of life to fall on you like a cornucopia, you risk waiting for nothing.

Cancer. Direct your forces in the right direction. Now you may face some difficulties in the love sphere. It will be difficult to find common ground with a loved one, and because of every little thing you will be able to start a quarrel.

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Lion. Fate will give you the opportunity to solve a problem that has long prevented you from enjoying life. A good time to fulfill desires. No one will condemn you even for an absurd act if it makes you happy.

Virgo. Not all your plans can be realized today, but planning will help you get closer to the goal. Unfortunately, there may be people around you who deliberately provoke you to emotions.

Libra. You will have to not only have time to do your job, but also help others. You may be tired of the status of a mentor, but, admit it, there is something attractive in this.

Scorpio. The dream he had tonight, for all the strangeness of his plot, will be just a dream. This day is ideal for creative activities. It is useful to engage in self-education, learning foreign languages.

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Sagittarius. Trust your intuition, even if it claims to be unexpected and risky. You should not argue today, you can convince others of your rightness through soft diplomacy and accurate arguments.

Capricorn. Today you can do a lot at home, such as cleaning a room or moving furniture. Shopping is contraindicated. You will have to work in a new field or get used to something else at work.

Aquarius. Do not argue with the boss, he will not hear you, and the cold in the relationship can make itself felt. Don’t take the initiative at work, today is not the day to go for global feats.

Fish. Be prepared to change plans and improvise with different situations. The day will bring you many surprises, but will end nicely.

Astrologer: Waldemar Nebokhodtsev

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