canon cycles and exotic works

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These book cycles can be read in any order, the plot they do not depend on each other. “Thrawn” is likely to appeal to the most devoted fans of the saga, while “Domination” will be interesting to those who like the exotic and want to learn more about the secret corners of a distant galaxy.

If in the original “Star Wars” we see the sunset and fall of the Republic, then there were once times of its rise and greatness. With this idea, an entire era was created, which combines novels and comics by various authors: “The heyday of the Republic.” This is a large-scale and ambitious project – a large team of authors is working on it, and its development is planned for years to come. Charles Soul’s novel The Light of the Jedi opens. In general, any work “Prosperity of the Republic” can be read separately from others, they have an independent finished plot, they often have different characters. And yet the common arch of the struggle of knights against the enemies of the Republic begins in the “Jedi World”.

The action takes place hundreds of years before the events of the saga. On the borders of the possessions of the Republic, which is at the zenith of glory and expands its borders, a new space station is being prepared for launch – the lighthouse “Star Light”. It must become a symbol of the hope and light of civilization that the Republic seeks to bring to all corners of the galaxy. But many hopes will be dashed and lives will be cut short if the Jedi can’t stop the sudden catastrophe: the starship crashed in hyperspace and is now threatening the entire system with a fragment. However, perhaps this is not the main danger … The dynamic and dramatic novel by Charles Soul is fascinating in itself, and at the same time serves as an introduction to the new era of “Star Wars”.

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