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The deadly cancer crippled Valentin Yudashkin’s health. The family gives the couturier the strength to live on.

A serious illness divided the fashion designer’s life into two parts. For many years, Valentin Yudashkin has been living with a terrible awareness of the importance of taking medication on a special schedule. The cancer found a vulnerable place in the star’s body and provoked metastases.

Despite the painful condition and therapy, the designer finds the strength to create, work and spend evenings with loved ones. The minutes spent with the family became an outlet for the man during this difficult period.

There are many rumors on the Internet about the health and personal life of the fashion designer. Only occasionally does his wife share shots of young children. For some time nothing was heard about the fate of Valentin Yudashkin. And now the media has warmed the couturier about the birth of his granddaughter.

The fact is that rumors have spread on the Internet that the daughter of a fashion designer living in Hong Kong is expecting her third child. It’s just untested gossip, and the couturier probably had no idea that events in his family could turn out that way.

Fans believe that the little heiress can comfort the exhausted designer and give him the last drop of sincere happiness. Anyway, the designer is sorry to tears. Oncology has its own laws. Due to illness, Valentin Yudashkin will not be able to devote himself to the crumb, because health care takes too much time.


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