Buzova stated that she dreams of a peaceful sky above her head

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According to the singer and TV presenter, she is in pain and she is crying.

Olga Buzova. Photo:

Singer Olga Buzova spoke on Instagram for the first time about the situation in Ukraine.

Olga Buzova's comment
Olga Buzova’s comment. Photo:

“You receive a million messages. What can I say, apart from the fact that most of all I want a peaceful sky above my head for everyone. I’m also scared, it hurts, I’m crying. “

Olga Buzova

As Olga Buzova noted, she does not understand much in the current situation. “But I know one thing. There is nothing more important than human life. I pray for everyone, “said Olga Buzova.

Recall that Russia conducts a special operation in Donbass. Earlier, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree recognizing Russia’s DNR and LNR.

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