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Buzova made a mourning statement

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The singing presenter did not become a favorite.

Olga Buzova in her Telegram channel has been disturbing subscribers lately – the presenter abruptly handed over and published mostly sad messages. Telediva finally decided to tell what was happening to her.

It turned out that Olga had survived the death of a dear to the heart of the creature – a Yorkshire terrier named Chelsea. Buzova said that the pet did not overcome diabetes.

“Bitterness and pain follow any death. When we lose a dog, we lose our future together. She will never run to wake me up in the morning, there will never be our walks together again. Gone from life is this little lump of happiness that my ex-husband once gave me. Chelsea, whom I raised from infancy, loved everything that life offered her, my little Chelsea, ”laments Buzova.

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