Buzova in mini-shorts did not hide her bulging belly

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The TV presenter shared honest shots after an evening spent with a friend.

Olga Buzova. Photo: social networks of the star

Olga Buzova is a famous TV presenter. She has been working on television for a long time. The actress does not hide that the show “House-2” made her famous. It is noteworthy that now she hosts several programs, as well as building a career as a singer.

The blonde has achieved great success. Only in her personal life has she not yet found happiness. But lately, the star is bragging about bouquets from mysterious breather and spends evenings outside the home.

But on April 27, Olga had fun with Maria Pogrebnyak. She was home late at night, and in the morning she captured herself in a top and mini-shorts. The TV presenter did not hide her bulging belly.

She showed off without makeup and styling. The actress gathered her hair in a careless ponytail. Buzova also wore eyeglasses. She flaunted herself on camera, not covering her charms. The star decided to go on a trip.

An hour later, Olga showed off with styling. She ran along the platform to catch the train. The TV presenter decided to leave Moscow.

Fans noted that the actress is difficult to recognize. With the help of makeup, she skillfully transforms. Others were surprised that Buzova assured that lost weight but her figure suggests otherwise. “Well, it’s just a girl, and then she became a diva”, “How makeup changes people”, “Just no words, how she does not look like herself”, “Olya, what kind of belly?”, “Lose weight, lost weight, but the belly just grew. “, – subscribers began to write.

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