Business book of the month. “Internet Marketing and Digital Strategies. Principles of effective use “

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In the traditional section “Continent Siberia” Business Book of the Month your opinion of the book «Internet marketing and digital strategies», Written by the company Intelsib, shared brand manager «Toyota Center Novosibirsk West»Ksenia Petrenko.

– With the book “Internet Marketing and Digital Strategies. Principles of effective use “I met a few years ago. I was pleasantly surprised that great progress has been written about Internet marketing and online channels, and, importantly, the book is being republished. No matter what you say, despite the fact that Internet marketing is developing rapidly and dynamically in Russia, few books on this topic deserve attention. We will finally learn about the latest changes, algorithms, trends and even the specifics of working with each Internet channel from books. What to do – high speed.

But this book is an exception. Here are 2 in 1: there are basics that any practicing marketer knows, the same base that is taught in universities, and there are principles, specifics needed to promote online business today.

What is the book about? Most of it is devoted to search engine promotion and contextual advertising, less – to my favorite SMM, Internet mailings. In general, this is understandable, the creators of the book (Intelsib) for the most part position themselves as SEO and contextual agency.

Ksenia Petrenko
Ksenia Petrenko

There is no “water” in the book. Subject – definition – case. However, I can’t say that the book is easy to read: it has a lot of numbers, graphs and mathematics in general. This is the benefit of learning to “count everything that can be counted.”

Lots of concepts and terminology. You will learn what ROI and CPA are, Boolean, vector, language search models, Jacob Nielsen checklist… In general, you already understand that this is not a weekend book. This is a book for conscious reading. Honestly, at my high speed of reading, I read this book for more than a month, because I needed to comprehend and transfer to my field of activity. Although, perhaps, it is individual.

What do I like the book for? Many vivid examples, cases of real existing companies. Specific tools that you can borrow and apply for your business. I turn to the book when I want to test another hypothesis or when I want working ideas. For example, “How to increase 4.5 times the search traffic to the site of auto parts in three years” or “How to increase the company’s turnover 1.5 times with the service” Extended target context “and a budget of 68,000 rubles.” Sounds tempting!

Who will benefit from the book in the first place? For marketers – to make a checklist themselves, take a working case in a piggy bank. Business – to speak the language of marketers, to understand what to get from online promotion, how to evaluate an agency, marketer or campaign. And in general to all those who plan to develop their business online and want to do it with maximum efficiency.

So, will I recommend the book ?! Definitely, if you are thinking about Internet promotion, the maximum return from everyone in the ruble business and competent investment in advertising. Read, study, understand, pay attention and let the example of your company become the case of the next version of this book!

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