Business book of the month. Dmitry Sheshukov. “Systematization of business by steps”

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In the traditional section “Continent Siberia” Business Book of the Month his opinion on the book “Systematization of business in steps. Plan, control, hire “Dmitry Sheshukov shared the founder of the federal network of salons LaserLove Kira Dolgova.

I believe that if you are an entrepreneur, you must not stand still and develop. When a business owner is stagnant, his business inevitably stagnates as well. I like to read books on business, articles on business topics, watch interviews with entrepreneurs, because I think it’s important to me. In order for a business to be successful, it is important to change your mindset. When I was looking for another book to read, I came across “Systematizing a business step by step. Plan, control, hire. ” I just saw it in the recommendations on one of the popular sites and kept it to myself, without first reading any reviews and reviews of it. The opinion that this is a good and useful book, I later saw on social media from someone from my business environment.

The basic literature on business today is mainly formed by American and European authors. Suffice it to recall the books “How Starbucks was built cup by cup”, “How Coca-Cola conquered the world”, “Phenomenon” ZARA». It is always interesting to know how ordinary people thought, who later became great entrepreneurs. But I have always been tormented by the question of why there is no book written about Russian business? After all, mentality is very important. Having business in all regions of our country, I see how different marketing activity and strategy can be from region to region.

Kira Dolgova.  Photo from personal page in Telegram
Kira Dolgova. Photo from personal page in Telegram

In the book “Systematization of business by steps. Plan, control, hire, ”I liked the fact that it is dedicated specifically to Russian business and pays attention to our logic, way of thinking, decision-making. I am a logical person, and it is important to me that everything in the book is transparent and clear. Dmitry Sheshukov gives step-by-step instructions on what to do to make your business successful. The author analyzes the fundamental issues – building the organizational structure of the company, tools to motivate employees, as well as gives illustrative examples.

I recommend this book to read and on the day of the entrepreneur I decided to give it to my family subscribers to Telegram. I also managed to communicate with the author – Dmitry Sheshukov. He is an interesting man, as open and helpful as his book.

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