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Burned all the bridges? Maxim Galkin made a dangerous statement – News

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The future success of the concerts in the Promised Land made Pugacheva’s young husband dizzy. Tickets sold out. The minimum price tag is from 5,000 rubles. Speeches have been announced in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and other major Israeli cities.

And whether the emotions of commercial success overwhelmed, or to attract new fans, but Galkin in a fit of hypocritical artistic soul suddenly confessed his love for the Israelis: “I adore Israel. Here my parents were treated for oncology. I have a lot in common with this land. This is really my homeland, as well as Russia. “

Galkin never denied that he was from a Jewish family. His father and mother are of Jewish descent. However, the USSR did not deprive the Galkin family of ranks or awards, and modern Russia has always been too generous to its now “prodigal” son. Therefore, it is strange to hear about Israel as a “native land” from a man who did not starve and was in demand in Russia. But, as Galkin himself admitted: all his concerts in Russia were suddenly canceled by the end of the year. He was forced to move abroad to feed his family. Maxim is just a little cunning about “forced emigration”, forgetting about his “anti-war” post in late February, when the special operation in Ukraine began: “There can be no excuse for war! No to war! ” However, when the Donbass was bombed, the artist was not so emotional, or rather, was silent from the word “absolutely”.

And now he demands that he not be considered a traitor: “There is no betrayal here. In your head, you distinguish between “power” and “homeland”. I’ve always distinguished that. And there are people to whom I am always loyal. For me, there are no boundaries, there is a spectator, a hall and a stage. ” Reading these words, I want to immediately remember the movie “Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession” – the moment when Zinochka, leaving with her lover, says to her husband: “Only you do not write me off yet, not much.”

Apparently, Galkin thinks about this very “little thing”, not forgetting to mention all the Russian fans.

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