Buried in a glass coffin: the daughter of “Baba Nina” from the series “Blind” told the truth about the gift of the mother

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Actress Irina Kravchenko.

Photo: Personal archive

TV series «Blind»Has been on TV-3 since 2014. Since the launch of the project, the actress has played the role of the main character of the clairvoyant woman Nina Irina Kravchenko. Soon after the film became popular, fraudsters appeared on the Internet, who on behalf of grandmother Nina and her granddaughter Ani (played by Elena Mityukova-Stepanyan) offered the sufferers relief from all diseases. After receiving the money, the swindlers disappeared. Actress Irina Kravchenko died on December 11, 2020, in the film she was replaced by “daughter Raisa”. But on the Internet, Baba Nina is still alive and still offers her services.

And then the deceived swindlers write:

“I’m from Miass, I asked Baba Nina and Ana for help, they promised to make my boyfriend quit drinking. I took a loan, transferred 132 thousand rubles to them. But I was deceived. What should I do? ”

“24,000 were sent, today another 41 are asking for the rite. It seems to me, or is it a “divorce”? Can I complain about them? ”

“We collected all the money we had in the house, plus my grandmother’s pension. Translated by them. The card to which the transfer went has been issued to Baba Nina. That’s how everyone thought it out. “

Groups have appeared on social networks, where the victims of fraudsters are explained how to proceed: write a statement to the police, block the page of swindlers. But there are no fewer fraudsters, and they offer relief from troubles on behalf of Baba Nina, Raisa and Ani – and from each of them individually and from all at once. Sometimes they act with the help of someone else’s hacked pages – so in January last year, a 14-year-old teenager from Kazakhstan lost his account.

“People believe they’re dealing with a real clairvoyant and her family,” he explains administrator of one of the exposing groups Mikhail Ts. – And in my opinion, a significant role is played by the fact that the titles of the series do not say that this story is fictional, there are no usual signatures with the names of the actors. People think that Baba Nina is a real person, and the film is based on true stories of the healed. Fraudsters use this.

Only recently, at the end of each series, a picture began to appear warning of fraudsters posing as the heroes of the Blind Project on the Internet, and a call not to trust them.

Vision problems

Irina Kravchenko, who played grandmother Nina, is not a professional actress. Surprisingly, she was brought to the stage and then to the movies by poor eyesight and coincidence with the fate of her main character.

Irina Kravchenko on the stage of the theater.  Photo by Dolgoprudny Theater "Backyard

Irina Kravchenko on the stage of the theater. Photo by Dolgoprudny Theater “City

She was born sighted. Like grandmother Nina, she was injured as a child: on the playground, a boy accidentally hit her in the eye, which eventually led to eye problems.

– At first my mother worked as an accountant, but after 40 years she began to go blind, neither glasses nor medication helped, – told daughter of actress Anastasia. – I had to change my job, she got a job at the VOS (All-Russian Society of the Blind), but she remained as lively and independent as she used to be: she baked pies, took care of herself, always painted her eyebrows and lips before going out.

During the day, Irina Kravchenko was well versed in space: she saw silhouettes, so she could, say, be put on a train in Moscow and meet at the right station near Moscow.

Acting career

Irina Kravchenko has always dreamed of performing on stage, but she had to raise five children (four sons and a daughter), so she managed to make the dream come true after they became adults. Once at the factory, she went to a local amateur club, and from there – to the theater “Inner Vision”, where she and other visually impaired participated in performances, with which the troupe even went on tour in nearby cities.

TV-3 was looking for a heroine for a new project who would not have to portray blindness. There were three contenders, Irina Kravchenko was chosen. They gave her a personal driver and an assistant who helped solve all the problems. They took a subscription from her not to disclose the circumstances of the filming – it suited everyone, because it allowed the actress to remain incognito and avoid possible visits from fans. This became especially relevant when the series gained popularity.

– What is it like to succeed when you are almost 70? We do not understand you. But she just wanted to live, she finally did what she always dreamed of, – recalls Anastasia. – And how she taught the role – it’s incredible! Her assistant came and read the text aloud, and her mother wrote it in huge letters with a black marker on A4 sheets. And then she taught under the spotlight, which we specially installed for her. One day she and I went on vacation, so she packed a few packs of paper in her suitcase – my mother even continued to do her favorite job on vacation.

Sudden death

At the end of 2020, Irina Kravchenko contracted the coronavirus. Severe, with numerous complications. The star of the series “Blind” was hospitalized.

– Everything happened so unexpectedly: just called me, said that the condition is stable, there is a chance and she is recovering, and then another call: “Your mother died.” I was shocked, – says Anastasia. – Thanks to the TV channel that took over the organization of the funeral: they even found a glass coffin so that we could say goodbye to my mother in a humane way, even though she was a crippled patient.

The place of Irina Kravchenko’s repose is known only to her relatives – none of them wants fans of the series, who take the actress for clairvoyant grandmother Nina, to come to her grave in search of a miracle.

God’s gift?

Was Irina Kravchenko really clairvoyant? Probably not. Did she have a gift? Her family believes so:

“My great-grandmother may have been clairvoyant.” At least she treated people. This gift is passed down through the generations, but my “great-grandmother” did not have time to teach my grandmother everything she knew – she only understood herbs, – says Anastasia. – I believe that my mother also had a gift, but there was no time to develop it.

According to Anastasia, soon after her mother’s death, she felt something like a shock, after which she “counted” her, as numerologists say, and received confirmation of her guesses about the hidden abilities of the deceased. And her intuition sharpened soon after:

– Once my husband and I went from the country. There are two roads leading from it: one straight line – New Riga and the second – the old one, winding through the villages of Volokolamka. As we approached the turn, I literally began to shake. I asked my husband to turn onto the old road. He obeyed, and 20 minutes later my friend called me, who left a little later than us, but went on Novorizhskoe highway. So she got into a huge traffic jam, which was formed due to a terrible accident – five cars in a ditch. If we hadn’t turned around, it is quite possible that we could have gotten into this accident ourselves, – says Anastasia.

She is not chasing the success of “Nina’s grandmother”, seeing with her own eyes how many swindlers can take advantage of it. And fans of the series are advised not to trust anyone and solve problems on their own: it is better to follow the example of the real Irina Kravchenko, who has achieved everything with her work, than her stage role.

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