Burak Ozchivit was tender with Fahriye Evgen on the pier

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The couple walked along the promenade, admiring each other as if they were newlyweds.

Burak Ozchivit and Fahriye Evgen. Photo:

In one of his interviews Burak Ozchivit admitted that as soon as he saw on the set of the Turkish TV series “The King – a songbird” his partner Fahriye Evgen, immediately realized – she is a special girl. According to the actor, a spark ran between them.

As the stage romance between their characters Kamran Bey and Ferida developed, the couple got to know each other better. Well, in the summer of 2017, Burak Ozcivit played a wedding with his fiancée Fahriye Evgen in Istanbul. Two years later, the lover gave the actor his eldest son, Karan.

The couple, as if newlyweds, still admire each other, arranging small romantic outings to the sea. On the beach, Fakhrie posed in a down jacket the color of forget-me-not, leaning her back against her husband’s wide chest. Burak Ozchivit hugged his beloved tenderly, as if protecting her from prying eyes.

Star "Magnificent century" Burak Ozchivit and Fahriye Evgen
Fakhriye Evgen clung to her husband’s chest in a forget-me-not down jacket. Photo:

“Perfect couple!”, “Oh, what a cool down jacket!”, “Beetroot with such a beard, well-cast Sultan Suleiman”, “Like a sultan with his favorite favorite”, “Didn’t they take my son ??” – followers write.

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