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Bungie sues fake DMCA strikers in Destiny community

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It looks like the company is also unhappy with YouTube’s protection.

Destiny’s blogger community faced with mass DMCA strikes in mid-March. Many of them had to delete their videos and think about changing direction. Bungie, however, hastily stated that complaints about the content did not come from her or her partners.

Already March 25 Bungie filed to a U.S. district court for a group of individuals who took advantage of a loophole in the DMCA strike system and complained about the content of many bloggers.

A group of individuals was able to take advantage of a loophole in YouTube’s defense that allows anyone to claim to be a representative of the copyright holder in order to file a complaint. In other words, according to YouTube itself, anyone can send DMCA strikes on behalf of any copyright holder.

Those in charge used new Gmail accounts specifically designed to look like email addresses for DMCA strikes. From them, they sent requests to YouTube, and on the service side did not suspect anything. The same Gmail was used to notify bloggers of the “violation”.

Bungie is unhappy with YouTube’s actions and intends to establish the identities of those who sent the strikes. The company believes it is entitled to $ 150,000 in damages for each fake strike because it has suffered “almost incalculable damage.”

The Destiny community has faced massive DMCA strikes – it has even affected the channels themselves Bungie

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The developers have stated that this is not their business and that they are already dealing with this problem.

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