Bukhinbalte understands the problems of Bigrina and Romashov

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The management of the reality show gave the project participants the opportunity to practice self-government. To do this, for a week leading Artur Nikolaychuk was appointed, and after him Christina Buhynbalte saddled a log, which we talked about in the sloka. It became known that Bukhinbalte understands the problems of Bigrina and Romashov. The fact is that Zhenya did not like Nastya’s words about what would flatter her, if she was desired by many men, that the musician perceived as her dream to lead a debauched life.
Bukhinbalte understands the problems of Bigrina and Romashov
For her part, Bigrina was outraged to learn that Eugene was corresponding with her friend behind her back. Romashov claims that there is nothing special in the correspondence, he was just interested in the life of the girl with whom Nastya introduced him in January 2022. Bigrina is also acquainted with Romashov’s friends, so he was looking for communication with her friends.

Anastasia is outraged by the fact that she did not know about the correspondence, neither her friend nor Romashov told her anything. Besides, who knows what messages were deleted and maybe there were calls, but Romashov completely excludes this option and says that he talked to his friend Nastya out of politeness.
Christina Buchynbalte understands the problems of Bigrina and Romashov
Despite the quarrels, Nastya and Zhenya resolve the issue trips to parents in Vologda and Kirov, although they had distrust of each other. I wonder what can help them to understand Bukhynbalte – Romashov’s ex-girlfriend, who has long been waiting for the moment when she will be able to point out mistakes to Zhenya?

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