Budina told about her adopted son

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According to the actress, she has people she cares about from time to time.

Olga Budina. Photo: Global Look Press

Actress Olga Budina in the Telegram she denied rumors that she had an adopted son.

Olga Budina
Olga Budina. Photo: Global Look Press

“I have never adopted a child. I had and still have people I take care of from time to time. Including children. “Boy Sasha”, whom I allegedly adopted, has never been to an orphanage. For his parents are not deprived and have never been deprived of parental rights. Therefore, I would not be able to adopt him under any circumstances. Fact. This whole “sensation” is a bluff from start to finish. “

Olga Budina

As Olga noted Budina, Sasha has always lived in his family. “Before in the blood, now in your own. Except for one month in his life, when due to family circumstances he was in a shelter, where we met him, “said the actress.

Earlier, a story about Olga appeared on television Budinoy. The program claimed that she had an adopted son. We will add that in 2004 her heir Naum from the businessman Alexander Naumov was born. In 2006, she broke up with the entrepreneur.

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