BTS’s “Stay Alive” by Chonguk became the fastest song by the Korean soloist and the fastest soundtrack from the Korean Act, which surpassed 70 million listens on Spotify.

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«Stay Alive» Chonguka from BTS continues to thrive on music charts on various platforms, setting records to the right and left. The song got a new record.

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Chonguk has now become the fastest Korean soloist, reaching 70 million streams on Spotify with its unexpected webtone OST «Stay Alive»In just 43 days, breaking the previous record of 76 days.

The song is also the fastest soundtrack from a Korean artist to reach that milestone. The fastest soundtrack from Korean Actreached 70 million listened to on Spotify:

Stay Alive – 43 days

Movie Out – 59 days

Christmas Tree – 76 days

«Congratulations, Chonguk»Appeared in Twitterwhen fans congratulated Chonguka with achievement.

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