BTS’s new sexual detail “Singularity” has driven fans crazy

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On stage you from BTS – a charismatic singer who can captivate millions. Behind the scenes, he is a creative genius who puts his heart and soul into creating music.

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A new interview with Weverse Magazine introduces readers to the process of writing songs you for “Singularity”, “Stigma”, “Scenery” and others.

May 7, 2018 BTS released solo you «Singularity» in the teaser video for his album LOVE YOURSELF: Tear.

He rings again, that sound
A crack again on this frozen lake
I rushed into the lake
I buried my voice for you

– Текст песни «Singularity»

«Because I thought in advance about the backing track, “Singularity” turned out to be the right song. If it weren’t for the performance, it would be a completely different song»- you.

The Pdogg recording engineer, who arranged the vocals of the song, helped you to evoke a “seductive” mood “Singularity”.

«It’s extremely difficult to tune in to a song like “Singularity” when the rhythm is a little relaxed and there are so many intricate parts. First of all, it was supposed to look tempting, so we even turned off the whole light when we were recording it.»- Pdogg.

Netizen’s comments:

“TECHEN’S OFF LIGHT AND DEEP VOICE. I come here again and again to make sure she’s alive. “


“Never wanted to be in a room completely without light until now”

Watch the clip “Singularity” here:

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