BTS’s Chonguk is on the list of “Most Stylish Celebrities” together with Holsey and Dua Lipa at the 2022 Grammy Awards ceremony according to VOGUE

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On April 4, the award ceremony “Grammys»2022, adorned with stars dazzling in their stylish images. The sense of fashion and outfits of some celebrities have successfully won the hearts of all. Fashion magazine VOGUE compiled a list of the most stylishly dressed celebrities at the awards ceremony.

Chonguk from BTS entered the VOGUE list as one of the “most stylish celebrities” on the red carpet Grammys 2022, and fans could not disagree with that. Dressed in a blue suit, Chonguk shone on the red carpet Grammys. The list also includes Dua Lipa, Holzi, Doja Cat, Lady Gaga and others.

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Appreciating the image Chonguka on Grammysjournalist VOGUE wrote:
«If I had to pick just one of the band, it would be Chonguk in his cropped jacket and pleated trousers, all a gorgeous shade of blue. Awesome!»

Once Chonguk solemnly appeared on the red carpet Grammysfans and not only began to share how amazing it looks Chonguk. Fans also shared that they liked the cut and color of the costume so much Chongukathat I even wanted to buy the same.

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