BTS’s Chonguk has become the most popular K-Pop idol in India

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In the 2021 Halle Market Study conducted by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korean International Exchange Agency, Chonguk from BTS was recognized as the best K-Pop idol in various categories.

In the report Chonguk was mentioned as the most popular K-Pop idol in India. He is also the highest-rated K-Pop artist, second only BTS as a whole as a group. This is showing incredible popularity Chonguka in India.

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If we talk about the popularity of the artist, then, in particular, as noted by Allkpop, it is clear how huge it is, and the fact that advertising with Chonguk can often be seen in hairdressers, coaching centers and salons. Also, countless Indian stars, including singers, are also fans Chonguka.

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