BTS’s attitude towards journalists at the airport shocked the netizens

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March 28 five participants BTS amazed network users with their images when they arrived at Incheon Airport. However, in addition to their beautiful appearance, you attracted attention with his personality and attitude to journalists.

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When the participants arrived, they were surrounded by media representatives who wanted to see the group before boarding the plane. And you turned out to be a real gentleman when they followed him to the airport.

One moment caught the attention of fans. When you got out of the car, he was wearing headphones. Netizens noticed that when reporters approached him and began talking, he pulled back his earphone to hear them and answer them.

It showed how attentive Wee was, and even though they were too close to him, he didn’t want to sound rude and answered them.

One of the press representatives exclaimed: “Taehyun-shi, happy journey…», And you replied: “Of course, of course, of course, hehe».

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