BTS spoke about their attitude to not receiving a Grammy Award

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All attention was riveted on BTS at the 64th Grammy Awards. The band was nominated in the category of “Best Pop Performance by a Duo / Band”. Unfortunately, the award was taken by Doja Cat and Sza with their song “Kiss Me More”.

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Live after the award ceremony BTS thanked their fans for their support. Chimin commented that it was “very unfortunate” that they did not win, but the band was grateful to have attended the show at all. “Thanks to ARMY, we were able to try again. It’s a pity we didn’t win, but just being here is important. “He said Chimin.

you and Chonguk agreed with him, saying it was a good experience to see performances by so many talented artists. Chonguk said, “It’s a great experience for us.” you added: “Yes. Honestly, we had so many great performances. So it motivates us a lot. ”

Slush lifted the mood, encouraging the group to look on the bright side: “I don’t think we need to be sad about it, guys. What we’ve done is already amazing. “. However, he admitted that he was “a little sad”. However you and Gin stated that they were not upset at all.

RM also said that he was not satisfied with the results. He comforted the fans by saying that he and the other participants would “feel better” the next day. “I mean, what can I say? I’m not too happy about that, and it’s true. I think it’s good to be honest. Today I will be sad, but tomorrow I will be fine. Tonight we have such feelings, and then, by tomorrow, we will feel better and get back to work. “Said the leader.

RM added: “Seriously, we have no regrets. We tried our best. We had a good time. Sure, we feel upset, but what’s really important is that this stunning Grammy performance will remain. “.

During the broadcast Slush also joked, given the band’s upcoming concerts in Las Vegas: “But didn’t we just look at the Grammys and come here just for the concerts?” RM picked up the joke and, laughing, added: “We just stopped by and changed about 1,000 times? Louis Vuitton sent us clothes so we could have a look. ”

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