BTS set three new Guinness World Records

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Over the past month, BTS has set new records on the social media platforms Instagram, TickTook and Twitter.

By February 2022, BTS had reached 60,151,959 Instagram subscribers, the highest among all music groups on the platform. The previous record also belonged to BTS, which they broke in April 2021, reaching 40,220,226 subscribers.

The group continued to break records when its members set up individual accounts in December 2021. In just 5 hours, Wee broke the world record for 1 million and 10 million subscribers.

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Their success shifted to TikTok, where the official BTS account has 45.7 million subscribers, and that number continues to grow every day. This number of subscribers makes them the band with the largest number of TikTok subscribers, and also ranks them 16th among the platform’s most popular accounts.

Surprisingly, BTS is also the most popular music group on Twitter with more than 44,167,059 followers (at the time of writing). The last time this record was set by the group One Direction, which in 2017 gained more than 31.7 million subscribers.

In addition to an incredible number of subscribers, BTS holds other world records related to Twitter. On April 29, 2019, BTS and their fans registered 422,228 messages on the platform, which set records for the number of messages on Twitter and the number of messages on Twitter for the band.

The BTS now has a total of 28 world records, and for their achievements they were inducted into the Guinness World Records Hall of Fame in September 2021.

Congratulations to BTS and Armi!

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