BTS received special recognition in the new drama “Shooting Star”

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Nowadays, almost no South Korean drama is complete without mention BTS. This spring BTS already mentioned in “Business offer»,«Our blues»And«My release diaryI”. The last mention, quite interesting, which in the media was even called a special recognition, took place in the new series “Shooting star»By tvN.

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There’s a character in the second series Pak Ho Heworking as a manager for one actor, wants to help his ward get a role in the series “The world of stars». To achieve this, she first looks for information about the scriptwriter of the project, and it turns out that she, like Pak Ho Heis a fan BTS.

She later learns that the screenwriter failed to get tickets to the concert BTS. It gives Pak Ho He brilliant idea.

If she can get tickets to the concert BTS and give them to the screenwriter, her actor is sure to get the role.

So. Ho He calls her ex-boyfriend to ask if he still works for “that company”. Her additional question is whether he can help her get tickets to the concert BTS.

BTS again briefly mentioned later in the series, but we suggest you see for yourself.

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