BTS music video for “Butter (Hotter Remix)” has gained more than 100 million views on Youtube

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BTS set a new record! Music video for «Butter (Hotter Remix)“, Released earlier last May, exceeded 100 million views on YouTube as of April 24, 22:46 Korean time.

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«Butter (Hotter Remix)Is a rethinking of their original song as house-electronic dance music, offering a strange charm, different from the original song, with a bright and exciting atmosphere. Many remixes have also been released on “Butter“, Including Sweeter and Cooler Remix.

Music video «Butter (Hotter Remix)»Also shows a playful side BTSbecause the participants brought us a backstage atmosphere different from their usually serious clips.

Meanwhile, thanks to this, the 37th clip BTS scored more than 100 million views.

Congratulations BTS!!

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