BTS concerts in Las Vegas have sparked controversy over anti-corruption violations

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After the concerts BTS in Las Vegas on April 8-9, the issue of violation by the company was raised HYBE anti-corruption law, as many suspect the label of supporting the spending of 100 reporters who went to cover the group’s performances in the United States.

According to Newsis of April 9, the Korean Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission issued a press release stating that the agency BTS, HYBEprovided financial support to a number of foreign media outlets to cover the band’s American concerts:

«If journalists and other members of the press go on business trips, they or their employer must pay for all travel expenses, such as plane tickets and accommodation. Otherwise, if these costs are paid by the designated company, HYBE will be punished for violating the anti-corruption law».

Earlier on April 8, Media Today in his report entitled “About 100 reporters went to Las Vegas with the support of the agency BTSto attend their concerts“, The first to report that HYBE invited more than 100 journalists to the concerts BTS in Las Vegas and provided them with airfare, accommodation, meals and other expenses, including passing the COVID-19 test upon arrival in the country.

In response to this report, HYBE reported Media Today:

«We contacted the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission on this issue after consulting with our legal group and received a response. This is not a violation of the anti-corruption law – providing support to journalists in official events is quite common practice».

But the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission had a different opinion on the matter after the statement HYBEthey issued an explanation:

«We did not give an exact answer that the support of foreign media by a certain company (HYBE) to cover planned events is not a violation of anti-corruption law. We have only provided a basic explanation of the general question of whether companies can financially support journalists by paying for their tickets and living expenses at official events.».

Meanwhile, BTS will hold two more BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts at the Alligator Stadium in Las Vegas on April 15 and 16.

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