Bruce Willis will end his acting career – he was diagnosed with a speech disorder

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This was announced by his family.

Willis family members, including his wife Emma, ​​ex-wife Demi Moore and children, published appeal to fans of the actor on social networks.

According to them, the 67-year-old actor decided to retire due to his health condition. He was diagnosed with aphasia – a speech disorder that most often develops after strokes or brain injuries. Apparently, Willis found it much harder to communicate with others, as well as work on the site.

We wanted to tell all of Bruce’s fans who supported him that he had health problems. He was diagnosed with aphasia, which affects his cognitive abilities. In this regard, after all the thought, Bruce decided to end a career that meant so much to him.

This is a really difficult time for our whole family and we really appreciate your love, empathy and support. We go through it all together and we wanted to tell about everything and his fans, because we know how much he means to you – just as you mean to him.

from the appeal of the Bruce Willis family

A few weeks before the appeal from the actor’s family in some regional media began to appear reports that he suffers from dementia and has decided to retire. Apparently, the information was correct, but only in part.

At the time, sources and rumors cited by network users and journalists claimed that Willis was increasingly appearing in low-budget action movies and thrillers to save money and end his career in peace. However, the native actors did not confirm this.

Bruce Willis was born in 1955 in Germany, and his family moved to the United States when he was two years old. The actor began his career in the eighties, working in the theater, as well as acting in the movies. His first major role was as Private Detective David Addison in “Moonlight Detective Agency,” and he later starred in such films as “The Hard Nut,” “The Last Boy Scout,” and “Criminal Reading.”

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