Brother instead of Batman and a ticket for 250: how sanctions affect the operation of Magadan cinemas

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Popcorn. Photo: Alexander Ratnikov, PrimaMedia news agency

What to watch in a movie when foreign premieres are canceled, can the average viewer influence the choice of films for rent, what pictures are in the top of Magadan, what fill the void renters and whether foreign rental companies will return? MagadanMedia talked about this with Vidim Mylnikov, director of the Gornyak cinema.

– Now the attendance of the cinema is much higher than in the period after the lockdown, when we came out of quarantine. Probably play a role in the holidays – a lot of organized groups, families.

There is something to watch in the rental, for example, the animated film “Finnik” (6+). It is very popular with children, it was voiced by popular bloggers – Danya Milokhin voiced three characters, Arthur Babich.

– After the cancellation of a number of foreign premieres to fill the free time, we repeat some pictures plus Russian rental companies are not involved – those films that were planned for the year, they postpone to an earlier date, for example, the same “Finnik” was to come out closer to winter , and he was moved to the spring break.

“Brother” and “Brother 2” we did not initially plan to rent, but since we communicate with our viewers on social networks, we learned from the feedback that people want to see these pictures and thus support the cinema.

This is the trend now – many people come to the cinema to support the cinema. Everyone understands that it has been difficult for cinemas for the third year in a row – the coronavirus, the abolition of the prime minister.

In Russia, the film “Brother” is now in the top three most watched. We now have two locomotives – “Finnik” and “Ancharted” (12+). They go to “Brother”, according to the fees for last week, he is in 6th place. Finnik is the undisputed leader in Russia, having already raised 149 million rubles. 7 days for domestic animation is a very good result. “Brother” collected 43 million. This is a pretty good figure.

– The situation is changing very quickly, but I can say about a month ahead that we plan to show: all “The Last Heroes” (12+), show the thriller “Hide and Seek” (18+), “Harry Hart: The Last Fight” (16+ ), “Dolphin Boy” (6+), “Grate” (16+), “9 Lives” (12+) – it’s not just domestic paintings – “Beauty and the Dragon” (6+), “Reversible Reality” 12+), “Shareholders” (18+), “Terracotta Guardians” (6+), “First Oscar” (16+), “Artek” (12+), “Buka. My favorite monster” (6+). Beech was also transferred, finally, we will show it.

– This month we also launched a free screening of films. Until April 1 at 11.00 in the second hall you can watch domestic movies. They are popular, the halls are not empty. This is a very good initiative, I think.

In general, there are movies, while there is something to work with. We hope that soon large rental companies will resume work with Russian filmgoers. Or rather, I’m sure of it.

– A trip to the cinema is a cultural event. It’s not the same as watching a movie at home over dinner. You gathered with loved ones, went and watched a movie. Here is the value in communication, in the discussion of the viewed picture. It brings together plus it is one of the most affordable types of leisure.

We have lowered prices now. On weekdays – a maximum of 250 rubles for all sessions. At the weekend, the cost of tickets was left at last year’s level.

They also started working with the Pushkin Card. Every resident of Magadan from 14 to 22 years old can register it for free and spend 2,000 on trips to the movies.

– Since we are actively running social networks – now it is Telegram (12+) and VKontakte (12+) – keep in touch with moviegoers. I had the experience of conducting polls on what to show in the movies. We take into account the opinion of the audience. You can influence the rental, you can ask. If we see people asking for a specific film, we try to do it.

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