Britney Spears was spotted in the company of Paris Hilton

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The star friends decided to remember their youth.

In the company of celebrities, Britney and Paris have earned a reputation as the most important party girls. Girlfriends did not miss a single star party in Hollywood.

However, over time, the friendship of secular lionesses faded. All because Britney Spears’ father James placed her in custody for more than 13 years. But Paris did not abandon her friend when she needed help. She was one of those who demanded the release of the singer.

When the zero star regained independence, the friends decided to remember their youth. This is evidenced by a photo taken on the eve of the paparazzi.

The singer was photographed near the Hilton house in Los Angeles. Britney was dressed in an evening dress – and this gives reason to believe that the stars went to another party, writes Нollywoodlife.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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