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Britney Spears tried to kill her managers

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The singer named the attackers.

Britney Spears deleted the shocking statement about the assassination attempt as quickly as she published it, but the Internet remembers everything.

The pop icon will condemn his own managers from TriStar Entertainment. The head of the firm Lou Taylor and her first deputy Robin Greenhill allegedly conspired with her father Britney Spears and tried to kill her in 2019. The actress wrote about all this in a post that no longer exists.

“My father hired them. I think they tried to kill me… I still believe that this is EXACTLY what they were trying to do… but nothing happened to me, I did not die! No one else would have survived what they did to me! I’ve been through it all, and I remember it all, “Spears said on Instagram.

It will be recalled that only in 2021 did Britney Spears finally free herself from her father’s oppression after almost 14 years of care.

Source: Instagram @britneyspears

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