Britney Spears posted such a candid video that it embarrassed even fans who saw it

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Excessive candor of the singer did not delight subscribers.

Singer Britney Spears, freed from paternal care, went to great lengths, regularly posting candid content on social media.

So, the other day the 40-year-old singer shared a video where she is relaxing on the beach, basking in the surf in a blue bikini.

Britney rolled from side to side, showing her slightly charred “fifth point” to the camera, then dangling her legs vigorously.

In the final, the actress decided not to be ashamed of her audience.

The singer simply took off her bra, showing off her lush breasts in all their glory.

However, it is unlikely that the outrageous Britney expected such a reaction from fans.

Most fans clearly did not appreciate her outburst of candor.

“Britney, this is abnormal!” Commentators wrote.

Subscribers told Spears that she was clearly not all right, since she allows herself to spread such intimate things to the public.

“Tin”, – fans appreciated the ambiguous video.

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