Britney Spears plans to return to the stage after her release from custody

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The singer is preparing for her first performance after being released from custody.

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Britney Spears plans to return to the stage. It is rumored that the pop star is working on his first performance since his release from his father’s care. Spears is also ready to give an interview to American journalist Oprah Winfrey.

“Britney is working on her return to the stage. She is thinking about how to regain her place as the main pop star. People forget that Britney is a creative person, whose vision and passion greatly contributed to her early success in her career, “the insider told the publication. The Sun.

Recall that Britney Spears was under guardianship for 13 years and only in 2021 the court decided to give the star capacity. The singer has repeatedly accused her family of abuse. She said that she lived in a small house, without a car and a phone, the star could not be alone and received a response to all complaints: “Sorry, you are under guardianship.”

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