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Kommersant-Chernozemie read the book “The Shock” by Yevgeny Savchenko, the permanent head of the Belgorod region, who left office in 2020. The author, now a senator, departed from the traditional format of memoirs and chose to share his views on the faith and destiny of Russia. He told how during his penultimate term as governor he met a woman-goddess, through whom he was able to communicate with the “Lord of the Earth Monoston”, the Mother of God, Sergius of Radonezh and the soul of Vladimir Vysotsky. They gave him advice on the management of one of the most economically developed Russian regions and set specific tasks during the crisis in Ukraine in 2014. Mr. Savchenko’s views have already been criticized by the official church.

The book “Shock…” was published by the small Yaroslavl publishing house “Mediarost” at the end of 2021, and this spring it became available for purchase on marketplaces, where the 155-page edition is characterized as a “bestseller”. The publishing house confirms that its author is ex-governor Yevgeny Savchenko. He himself explained that he did not resort to the “traditional description of life in such cases.” “Belgorod region, its cities and villages, everything heard and seen [в ней]”Both good and bad are my memoirs,” the former governor said, adding that he left his post in the fall of 2020 “not with regret, but with a sense of deep satisfaction.”

In the book, Mr. Savchenko said that in 2012-2014, a certain Nikolai P. introduced him to the “goddess” – a woman named Love, who, according to the senator, had the gift of a medium and was able to help him communicate directly with God, saints and souls of the dead. Mr. Savchenko understands the divine essence not in the generally accepted Orthodox tradition, but as “Lord of the Earth – Monoston”, otherwise – “Creator of monads”, ie “the original energy impulses endowed with reason, the basis of any creature in the universe.”

In the first meeting with Love in 2013, as the author said, he managed to contact Sergei Radonezhsky through her. He told the governor: “Your good deed is directed to me by the Light, dear Eugene. I find you in the world, for the Great Light is directed from you upwards, and the light forces of the Lord come upon you in a cloud when you do good. ”

Later, the Lord himself allegedly turned to Mr. Savchenko. Here is how the author describes his message: “Eugene, you are a creature, though not sinless, like all living people, but you have such a strong sense of truth and untruth and the desire to unmistakably distinguish one from another.”

A year later, during the crisis in Ukraine, as Yevgeny Savchenko describes, the Lord began to give him instructions on how to manage the region in a difficult situation. “Peace cannot be achieved by force. All the measures that can be applied in this situation are the belief that the mind prevails… To take someone’s side is deadly, your task is to prevent the spread of local fire in their territories “, – Mr. Savchenko describes the view of God on the then political situation to which he listened.

The invisible interlocutor of the then governor set him “several specific tasks”: “To calm the population; establish control over those who enter your territory as refugees; on the borders with Ukraine to strengthen control over the transit from there; to say in the media that you are on the side of common sense and hope that it will prevail in the Ukrainians, but you will not provide military support to either side. ”

Evgeny Savchenko admits that communion with God “changes our current ideas about the war in the context of the events that took place in Ukraine.”

“Wars are not started by nations, but by their rulers. But very rarely bright people come to power, this almost does not happen. And so these rulers, driven by the low vibrations of their souls, begin to influence their people. And people are not always able to withstand such low-energy flows that fall on them. And the nations, obeying the will of their ruler, go to kill another nation, because they are taught that it is necessary for their well-being. Dark osmosis seizes the souls of those who have succumbed to fear or hatred – or simply stupid “, – the author quotes the words of God in the book, referring to the events in Ukraine in 2014

“This book is a fulfillment of a small part of the task given to me – a miracle! – by the Creator of life “, – Evgeny Savchenko addresses to readers in one of chapters. At the moment when he started working on the book in his private house, it rained a little, the sun was shining at the same time, “and a rainbow was shining over the house.” The author perceived this as a “good sign of light forces.”

In a conversation with Kommersant-Chernozemie, Yevgeny Savchenko’s representative as the current senator of the Russian Federation noted that his ideas “did not arise out of nowhere and are a stage of general evolution”: “Everything has a beginning and an end. He lives a very dense intellectual life, and these ideas have already been expressed on social networks and during a speech at the World Russian People’s Council. “

The press service of the Soviet Federation found it difficult to tell Kommersant-Chernozemie whether the upper house of the Russian parliament would assess the bright statements of its member. “In any case, the press service did not get acquainted with this book,” they said.

Evgeny Savchenko’s views were criticized by Belgorod Metropolitan John, who had previously been a well-known ally of the governor. One of the chapters of the book gives an assessment of Russian statesmen from Svyatoslav Igorevich to Stalin, which was allegedly given to them by God.

According to the author, he was of the following opinion about the ruler who led Russia to Orthodoxy:

“Vladimir Krasnoye Solnyshko did not do as Russia should have led to monotheism… Christianity took a little aside, it was the way of another people. I thought differently in Russia, but Vladimir did not understand My plan for Russia. “

This fragment caused dissatisfaction of the metropolitan. “Today we need to protect our faith and our culture from external enemies, but also from internal enemies. There are also critics among us who question the truth of the path we have chosen that we have been following for a thousand years. Unfortunately, I read from my dear Yevgeny Stepanovich Savchenko in his book “Shock” that Prince Vladimir was wrong and did not go there. The man who did so much for our culture here in the region, suddenly became a senator, writes such things! And there are a lot of things that just can’t be accepted. Otherwise, we must give up everything, give up our history, give up love of God and neighbor, “said Bishop John, speaking from the stage during the day of the cultural worker on March 25.

Political scientist Vladimir Slatinov notes that for long-serving statesmen such as Yevgeny Savchenko, “the emergence of exotic views is typical.”

The hobbies of the ex-governor contradict the image of the head of the “Orthodox principality”, which was his area. But it becomes clear why he was so attracted to projects to form his own, Belgorod ideology and create a “solidarity society,” says Mr. Slatinov. . But it is unlikely to have unpleasant consequences for the ex-governor’s political career. After all, despite his exaltation, he remained a rationalist ruler. The described successes of the governor with the Lord did not prevent the past successes of Belgorod region, and maybe it helped. “

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