Brezhnev’s deception finally told Meladze’s ex-wife what she said

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The singer described her relationship with a married producer as paternal.

Speaking about the divorce from Konstantin Meladze, Yana Summ walked hard on Vera Brezhneva. She shared that back in 2007 she suspected her husband of infidelity and in order to find out the truth, took a humiliating step – asked a direct question to the singer.

In response, Brezhnev assured that she perceived the producer as a mentor and father, but the truth came out five years later.

“And then this woman came to my house. Why? She said she wanted to help, ”Summ recalled.

She did not believe in the sincerity of Faith and realized that the actress just wants to “get out of the underground.” Yana attacked the divorcee with accusations of vile deception, because of which she lost 10 years of life.

In a conversation with “Komsomol truth“Summ was surprised that none of her relatives and friends advised her to pack up and leave, because Constantine himself, despite an affair with another, did not want a divorce. However, it was unacceptable for Yana to forgive the betrayal, so she immediately filed for divorce.

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