Brewster Cale’s free digital archive contains 70,000 terabytes of information

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Internet Archive in numbers

The Internet Archive contains: 644 billion web pages, 34 million books and texts, 14 million audio recordings, 7.5 million videos, 2.3 million television news programs, 4.1 million images, 801 million software products.
The book digitization program began in 2005. According to the company, 3,500 books are now scanned daily in 18 offices around the world. The archiving of television programs began in late 2000, with the first public television project being an archive of television news related to the events of September 11, 2001. One copy of the Internet Archive library collection occupies more than 70 petabytes of server space. Funding comes from donations, grants and the provision of web archiving and digitization services, the proceeds of which in 2019 amounted to $ 36.7 million.

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