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Brekotkin’s mother spoke negatively about her son’s work

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As Tamara Nikolaevna noted, now she does not watch all programs of a humorous team.

Dmitry Brekotkin. Photo: Global Look Press

The mother of the showman from “Ural dumplings” Dmitry Brekotkin – Tamara Nikolaevna – said that recently she has not watched all the programs of the comedy team.

Sergey Svetlakov
Sergey Svetlakov. Photo: Global Look Press

“Before, when they first started performing, I watched all the issues from and to. And now I only watch Dima’s numbers, and it seems that it was better then. I told him about it, and he said, “Mom, you’re a little different.”

Tamara Brekotkina

As Tamara Nikolaevna noted, she really likes the old issue about skiing with showman Dmitry Sokolov. Also crazy about the room with Sergei Svetlakov. According to the plot Svetlakov lost his job as well Brekotkin was a music teacher, reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda – Ekaterinburg”.

Recall that Dmitry Brekotkin – one of the leaders of the “Ural dumplings”. The rooms with his participation are incredibly loved by the audience.

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