BrainStorm will present a new program “Year without a calendar” in Svetlogorsk

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Latvian group BrainStorm will present a new program “Year without a calendar” in Svetlogorsk12+. Baltic rockers will perform on the stage of the Variety Theater on June 9. The organizers told “Poster Poster” about this.

At the end of 2021, BrainStorm presented a new album of the same name in the format of a video concert, which thanks to the bright scenery, dancers and “live” shooting has become a modern musical. The musicians themselves believe that “Year without a Calendar” is a search for new genres and going beyond the usual forms.

The new program includes time-tested hits of the band “Maybe”, “Weekend”, “Wind”, “Slippery Streets”, “At Dawn”, as well as new songs “Feels”, “Paper Planes”, “Carousels” and “My” Echo”. By the way, actor Alexander Petrov took part in the recording of the latter.

“Year without a calendar” is a very precise phrase that symbolizes time. Usually there is not enough free space in my diary, but last year the pace slowed down, the calendar was empty, and new songs appeared, ”says Renars Cowpers.

Gennady Kozodoev would like the new program. Lyrical hero Andrei Mironov from the movie “Diamond Hand” also sang about timelessness on an uninhabited island in the absence of a calendar.

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