Botan from Russia created an ideal girl for himself and turned her into a Terminator

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Botan and Superbaba
Botan and Superbaba

In Russia, the botanist decided to brag at the alumni meeting and created the perfect beautiful girl, which he turned into a real Terminator.

The film company “Karoprokat” has published the first trailer of the domestic comedy action movie “Botan and Superbaba” from the creators of the popular TV series “Policeman from Rublevka”. The plot is about a nerd who never managed to find common ground with people. He built a career as a scientist, but most of all he wanted the recognition of his classmates. At the alumni meeting, he decided to surprise everyone with the perfect girl. Ivan decided to create it himself, using an experimental model of a combat android.

The trailer for the Russian comedy “Botan and Superbaba” showed many jokes and several action scenes. In one of the fragments of the film, the authors even inserted references to the cult film “Terminator 2: Doomsday”. Android does not understand why it should save the lives of criminals and enemies of Ivan himself. Botan tries to explain this with the example of the famous film with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but as a result only makes the robot girl act like a real Terminator. At the same time, she echoes Schwarzenegger’s legendary phrase: “They will live.”

The film “Botan and Superbaba” will be the first film by Dmitry Menyailo as a director. The script for the comedy was written by comedian Ilya Kulikov. The main roles were played by the stars of the TV series “Policeman from Rublevka” Sofia Kashtanova and Roman Popov.

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