Borodina told how she will earn without Instagram

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The TV presenter admitted that she had already figured out how to make up for the millions she earned from advertising on social networks.

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Ksenia Borodina most of his life he works on television. She became famous more than 15 years ago when she began to host the show “House-2”. She became no less famous than her colleague Ksenia Sobchak.

And if before Borodin worked part-time as a DJ, often led corporate parties and weddings, in recent years she has had enough of basic work and earnings from advertising on social networks. But now bloggers with millions of subscribers are worried about their fate.

But Ksenia got in touch on Instagram, which will be blocked on March 14. She assured her that she was sad and unfamiliar. At the same time, the TV presenter is sure that she will make up for the lost millions of rubles that blogging brought her.

“I have been on television for 20 years. You have been with me for a long time. You have been with me on Instagram for 11 years. I don’t know who is laughing there and saying that they will go to work in factories now. Guys, don’t give up. Now it is not clear who will go to work and where. As for me, blogging has been an integral part of my life.

But still, I have a profession. I’m not out of work. I still have two projects of my favorites. I will appear there. God forbid, everything will be fine with television. We will definitely meet there.

And now I’ll deal with the Telegram. There are already more than 900,000 people. I’m hiring someone to clean up the left information. Let’s hope the comeback happens and we’ll all be back. We will not perish! ” The star explained.

“We will definitely create our own products. What to do if a huge number of products have left the Russian market. And we will sew clothes, we will come up with patches. I will talk about all this, “she added.

We will remind that Borodina took for advertising post 800 thousand rubles. Not surprisingly, she recently gave herself a 39th birthday apartment worth about 30 million rubles.

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