Borodin no longer wants to stay in Dubai

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The TV presenter shared her depressed state with her followers.

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In the latest Stories of the TV presenter’s personal microblog Ksenia Borodina videos have appeared in which she talks about her moral condition with sadness in her eyes.

Borodina complained that her mood changed several times a day.

“It seems to me that many people on Instagram now have such an easy bipolar. I have exactly. You know, the mood jumps. You wake up in the morning – a normal state. Then you read the news, you have a completely different state. Then you calm down, you are distracted by something, you have the third state. Such, of course. Everything is on the verge, to be honest, “said Ksenia.

According to Borodina, sadness and longing are usually visited before the birthday. But now is a completely different time:

“I write Stories – I erase, I write – I erase. I wanted to say that such a depressive state before the birthday of many. At least I remember covering you two or three days before the holiday. It was covered much earlier. And not because of the birthday at all. “

Borodina summed up her appeal by saying that she was ready to fly home.

“I really wanted to go home. I can honestly say. Everyone asks how. Everyone is persuaded to stay. No, I want to go home, ”Ksenia said in her personal microblog.

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