Borodin is ready to make a fuss with the neighbors because of the noise at 9 am

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The TV presenter is annoyed by the sound of the lawn mower.

Ksenia Borodina. Photo: Global Look Press

Ksenia Borodina with two daughters – Marusya and Teona – lives outside the city in a luxurious house. Recently, however, the silence and peace of the TV presenter has been disturbed by neighbors. The star is indignant because very early, namely at 9 am, they start using the lawn mower on the backyard.

Ksenia Borodina's page
Ksenia Borodina’s page. Photo: social networks

“I’m always waiting for summer, it’s the best time, but I hate lawn mowers. The neighbor woke up at nine in the morning. I am never allowed to work before 11:00, ”Borodina wrote on her social network.

Some Internet users thought that Ksenia looked like Anastasia Volochkovwho often quarrels with their neighbors for a variety of reasons.

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