Borodin figured out how to multiply his millions

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Her business plan will help to earn without any advertising on social networks.

Ksenia Borodina got a good start to her television career when she started running “House-2”. In addition to him, she led corporate parties, weddings and pretended to be a DJ. Plus, of course, advertising on social networks.

And now, in addition to TV, the star is threatening to make money in the Telegram, where she has already gathered 900,000 subscribers. She is going to start a cosmetics business (beware, Tina Kandelaki), and promises a line of her clothes. Like, brands are gone – let’s take their place. And the idea, in principle, is very correct.

“I have been on television for 20 years. I will not be left without work. Blogging has been an integral part of my life. We will definitely create our own products. And we will sew clothes, we will come up with patches. I will talk about all this, ”she shared her TV plans in her microblog.

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