Boris Akunin: 10 books straight from the writer’s shelf

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In 2021, Boris Akunin completed work on his grand historical project “History of the Russian State”. In addition to historical texts, it also includes fiction novels. The last in the series was the ninth volume on the reign of Nicholas II. For the sake of such a colossal work, the author spent a lot of time in archives and libraries. For Akunin to fiddle with books – the usual thing. As a boy, he became a drunken reader.

For quite a long time, the writer communicated with his fans through the “Living Magazine”. IN 2014 year he published a series of posts on important, in his opinion, books. Readers asked him to take up this project. Akunin took the request seriously – they collected almost a hundred things. He did not just publish the list: they say, take up these books, they are worth attention. The historian tried to say at least a few words about each of them. All posts were grouped on different topics: detective stories, historical and adventure novels, Russian classics, Soviet and foreign literature and so on. The division into groups was dictated by the author’s desire not to pile everything into one pile. He also warned that his opinion on the importance of these works is subjective:

“Because there are many genres and compare them – It’s like deciding who is stronger, a whale or an elephant, I made not one, but many lists. I will gradually present them to you. Don’t wait for objectivity, love – a thing subjective and often irrational.

The editorial office has already told about the favorite biographies of the famous historian. Today we publish a team of 10 brines books about which Boris Akunin spoke warmly. He read many of them in his childhood and youth. K to some he returned years later, and their value to him remained unchanged. It is likely that these things are important thoughts that have stood the test of time and life.

Boris Akunin wrote about the following books in posts on his page in the “Living Journal”:

  • “What to do?”, Nikolai Chernyshevsky
  • “Hadji Murat”, Leo Tolstoy
  • “The rest of the day,” Kazuo Ishiguro
  • “House on the waterfront”, Yuri Trifonov
  • “Pelam, or The Adventures of a Gentleman,” Edward Bulver-Litton
  • “The Three Musketeers”, Alexandre Dumas
  • “Goodbye, weapons!” Ernest Hemingway
  • “White Guard”, Mikhail Bulgakov
  • “Dear Friend”, Guy de Maupassant
  • “Daughter of Montezuma”, Ryder Haggard

Below you will find quotes from the writer about these books and their authors.

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