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The average person is unable to influence the global changes taking place around him. So that their pressure does not break the mind and soul, it is important to try to look at the darkest times with a bright eye. This is what Alexander Chudakov’s novel “Fog Lies on the Old Steps” teaches.

The author devoted his entire life to philology and literary criticism. As a researcher and theorist, he made a great contribution to the development of our culture. K Among his most significant works is a series of books about Anton Chekhov. The philologist started writing prose quite late and managed to finish only one thing – in many respects an autobiographical historical and philosophical novel “The fog falls on the old steps.”

The plot covers the period from the end of the Great Patriotic War to the mid-1980s. Events are unfolding in Chebachinsk. This place is lost in the Soviet country somewhere on the border of Russian Siberia and Kazakhstan. People flock to a quiet and peaceful corner against their will. Among them are evacuees, fugitives or voluntary exiles hiding from the regime’s eyes. WITH the main characters of history get acquainted with these forced migrants at different times – grandfather and grandson.

Both characters balance on the verge of two worlds – past and present. For his grandfather, the old, clear and familiar reality has long since collapsed, but he can neither understand nor accept the new one. IN the soul of the hero stores the values ​​of the past, which his grandson has absorbed since childhood. He, in turn, is a man born and living in a new time. Imagine how difficult it is for him to exist in a world that is perceived by him through the prism of his grandfather’s upbringing. But the trials do not break, but on the contrary, develop the personality of the hero. Strength of spirit, will and fidelity to his beliefs like armor protect him from hostile reality.

For a long time, no publishing house wanted to publish this story. IN as a result in 2000 year she agreed to print the magazine “Banner”. A year later, Chudakov’s work was published as a full-fledged book, at the same time it was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. IN In 2011, the novel “The Mist Lies …” won the Russian Booker of the Decade Award. What is so important reflected in the only prosaic thing of the famous philologist? Why was it christened an idyll novel?

According to a brief description of the plot, it seems that he is full of suffering. The inner world of the main characters conflicts with the outer. They are surrounded by people who have lost their usual reality: home, family, friends. They are all forced to live and survive on the outskirts of a vast empire. Despite all the severity of the circumstances described in the text, this story is filled with kindness, lightness and warmth, the importance of routine, simple human relationships.

The book “The fog falls on the old steps” – volume history for 600 pages. It should not be expected to have a rapid therapeutic effect. It accumulates gradually, in the process of leisurely and thoughtful reading. Thanks to Chudakov’s novel, you learn to look at the world around you with different eyes. You learn something important from it: life is never simple, but the view of it can be bright.

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