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TV presenter Regina Todorenkothat viewers know through a travel TV show «Eagle and Tail“, She said in an interview that she dedicates her free time from traveling around the world to music and communication with loved ones. But there is room for reading in her busy work schedule: the celebrity claims that for those who love literature, employment is not an excuse.

Russian and foreign books advised by Regina Todorenko are in the material 24СМИ.

Mikhail Bulgakov. Morphine

Despite the small volume of this work of art, published in 1927, in it, as in other masterpieces Mikhail Bulgakov, his eloquence and irony are noticeable. Regina Todorenko noted that the writer describes the world of the morphine hero quite subtly, sensually and realistically. According to the TV star, Morphy’s story can be considered autobiographical, as Bulgakov himself also suffered from this addiction, but thanks to his wife he managed to get rid of it. This story in terms of plot and content is suitable for the collection “Notes of a young doctor”, but was not included in it by the author.

Alexander Blok. “Poems about a beautiful lady”

Among the books advised by Regina Todorenko is a cycle of poems by a Russian classic of the 20th century. Alexander Blok. The celebrity says that in these works she is attracted by incredible romanticism, depth and beauty. The reader also likes the image of a woman sung by Blok: the author does not name the heroine, does not reveal other details about her personality, but this image is presented as something illusory, charming and airy. In addition, the poet was able to use symbols and images of heaven and earth to reveal the theme of love.

Karen Berg. “God Paints Lips: Kabbalah for Women”

Among the favorite literary works, the presenter also notes the book by American writer Karen Berg “God paints lips: Kabbalah for women.” She read it during the flight, spending only three hours reading. According to Regina, this book, published in 2005, is “very feminine”: here the author, who became famous as the first Kabbalist woman, reveals many female secrets to the reader. The work is written in simple and clear language, and helps to find a way out of difficult and confusing situations, as well as to make the world smile in return.

Francis Scott Fitzgerald. “Gentle night”

Considered largely autobiographical novel by an American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald “Gentle Night”, first published in 1934, Regina Todorenko calls one of her favorite books. In the work, the author describes his experiences and pain, the struggle to preserve the family and the other side of a luxurious life. The presenter also notes that the style of the novel is reminiscent of his previous book, The Great Gatsby, which was published in 1924 and became one of the symbols of the Jazz Age. “Gentle Night” describes the bright and colorful world of the late 1920s, the chic and brilliance of that period. Regina Todorenko says that she read this book with enthusiasm: after a few pages it becomes clear that the author creates incredible things with the imagination of the reader. She especially liked the way the hero’s feelings were described, his love for two women, passion, despair, obsession and delusion.

Alexander Rodnyansky. “Producer coming out”

In the selection of books advised by Regina Todorenko, a special place is occupied by the work of the producer Alexander Rodnyansky. The celebrity says that this book has become one of those that appear at the right time in life and change a lot in the views of the reader. Regina said that she received answers to most of her questions related to television. In a sense, the author opened her and other readers’ eyes to how everything is arranged in the world of television: what are the main principles and mechanisms that work in it. Also after reading it becomes clear how the ratings are calculated and where the profit comes from, where the funds are distributed further. In addition, it explains how to determine which program and when to air.

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Austin Cleon. “Steal like an artist. 10 lessons of creative self-expression “

Completes a selection of books advised by Regina Todorenko, a work by American writer and artist Austin Cleonbased on one of his lectures on self-development for students. “Steal as an Artist” is what readers call a digital age manifesto and an illustrated guide for people who consider themselves creative. The author gives advice to novice artists and says that he would like to receive these recommendations in his youth. Regina Todorenko noted that this motivational book is suitable for those who strive for success, but do not want or can not spend a lot of time reading hundreds of similar works in the style of “100 steps to the goal.” The advantage of this masterpiece is that the author highlights 10 main points that accompany the illustrations. Reading this book makes a person believe in their own abilities, motivates them to creativity and self-expression, while convincing them not to notice “slanted” people.

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