Books in Russian stores went up by 10-20%

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Books in Russian stores went up by 10-20%

The cost of paper and printing services has increased.

Representatives of Russian publishers shared information that retail prices for books have risen by 10-20%. This was due to higher prices for paper, printing services and changes in exchange rates.

As they write “Notices», Offset paper alone, which is mainly used in the production of books, has become more expensive by an average of 30%.

“The rise in price of paper, along with other factors, leads to an increase in the cost of books. In recent weeks, it has increased by at least 30%. Changes in cost affect prices in bookstores. Over the past two weeks, the holding has raised them to a number of positions by 15%. In general, the market price growth is about 20%, “said the president of the publishing group” Exmo-AST ” Oleg Novikov.

Also today there is an acute shortage of coated paper. In the current environment, publishers are reducing the production of albums and books on this raw material.

The production of books had to be simplified. The option of importing materials from China and India is also being considered, which will affect prices.

At the same time, the cost of books would still increase, even if paper prices remained at the same level – more expensive printing services. The printing house increased the prices for black and white printing by 30%, for color – by 50%, because the inks are mostly imported.

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