Books in Russia will rise in price by 20%, how much will books cost

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– Beautiful gift books have to be translated into offset printing. I can’t say that it is critical and difficult to survive, – Polina Vlastovskaya told MSK1.RU. “I think that’s something to put up with.” But most confusing prices. Of course, there are concerns about how our production will work in the future, because not only with paper we have problems, but also with all the other components for printing: with threads, glue.

The editorial board of “MIF” has decided not to reduce the release of new products, as others do. For example, the reduction in circulation was reported in the publishing house “Phantom Press”. But the Myth believes that in six months “it may be even harder to print books.” At the same time, the editorial office notes a significant increase in prices for printing, about 60-70%.

– Today I approved the circulation and saw that, for example, a book that used to cost me in production, say, 120 rubles – just printing without other costs – now costs 200 rubles, – added Polina.

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