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Mikhail Labkovsky, Erich Fromm and Mikhail Bulgakov were among the top most popular authors among Russians. Most often, according to Wildberries, in 2021 the people of the country bought books for the children of Shamil Ahmadullin and Lyudmila Petranovskaya. “I want and will: Accept yourself, love life and be happy” by Mikhail Labkovsky took third place in popularity, the fourth – “The Art of Loving” by German philosopher Erich Fromm. Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita was in fifth place.

In addition, the Russians also actively read “Harry Potter” and the anti-utopia “1984”. Details in the Kommersant FM report:

Fredrik Buckman’s novel Anxious People, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and Joan Rowling’s 1984, George Orwell’s 1984, and Sui Isida’s Tokyo Rum Manga are among the top ten bestsellers. Constantin Lavaux’s book “Tarot. A Complete Guide to Map Reading and Predictive Practice.

Boris Akunin’s “Just Mass” and Donato Carrisi’s “Girl in the Fog” became the most popular among detectives. In the category of business literature in the top was “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Clayson. In general, Wildberries notes that last year there was a significant increase in demand for books on self-development and psychology, as well as esoterics and comics.

The trend for books on self-development and literature for teenagers – manga and comics – is confirmed by the results of the top 50 popular bestsellers. It was compiled by members of the Russian Book Union in 2021. Among other things, Russians are interested in literature, which has recently had high-profile film premieres, says the director of the department of strategic communications “Exmo-AST”, a member of the Russian Book Union Ekaterina Kozhanova:

“The so-called Young Adult segment is gaining momentum. This is literature for teenagers and young people. In the top 50 of the All-Russian book rating, about 15% belonged to manga, fantasy, fiction. Young people often read and buy paper versions.

There is still a trend towards literature on self-development and psychology. Most of the top bestsellers – about 50% – are presented in the genre of non-fiction.

We also see that such long-selling books as Labkowski’s book “I Want and Will: Accept Myself, Love Life and Be Happy”, “Harry Potter”, one way or another, are moving from year to year in these ratings.

Of course, we see that film adaptations play a big role. The ratings must include books that are related to the release of high-profile movie premieres. Such an example is the novel “Dune”, which before the film adaptation, in general, was on the shelf with the classics and was not in the top sales. But now, even on the cover, it’s just a real bestseller. ”

In the top of the most popular Russian authors are traditionally more foreign writers. However, Viktor Pelevin, Guzel Yakhina and Boris Akunin are in the lead among the domestic ones.

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