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Vladimir Vysotsky – a legend of Soviet pop, theater and cinema. IN In his Ballad of Struggle, the author speaks of a generation of “book children” who literally swallowed books and lived on fictional adventures. This bard thing ends with the following lines:

If in a hot battle experienced how much,
So, you read the right books as a child!

What, in Vysotsky’s opinion, should be read? To find out, let’s turn to the main treasure of the great artist – to his book collection.

At school, Vladimir was good, in his certificate – only fours and fives. In literature, of course, excellent. According to the mother of the singer Nina Maksimovna Vysotskaya, her son has always loved books. Knowing about his love for them, she tried at every opportunity to get something new for Vladimir’s home library. However, not all the mother’s findings were liked by her son.

Books for the home library were carefully selected. One or another specimen could take its place only if Vysotsky managed to flip through it at least briefly. He tried to read any new thing as soon as possible. Vladimir was reverent about books. He assembled a rack in his apartment with his own hands. The shelves were specially made thicker so that they would not bend under the weight of the books.

The artist’s mother knew her son’s entire collection from start to finish and tried to arrange it the way it is done in archives and libraries. Once she made stickers on the shelves, which Vysotsky did not appreciate at all. He was so well versed in all the diversity of his own collection.

During the years of his life with his second wife, actress Lyudmila Abramova, Vysotsky added fiction to his library. His collection also includes books by his wife’s acquaintances: the Strugatsky brothers, Ariadna Gromova and other science fiction writers. – contemporaries of Vysotsky.

Vladimir was always happy to share his books with friends. Many publications never returned to the Vysotsky family, which the singer’s mother was very sad about.

The artist brought a lot from abroad. Vysotsky returned from his travels with books and albums on art, as well as with publications by Gumilev, Brodsky, and other poets banned in the Soviet Union. However, Vysotsky’s favorite poems were written by his contemporary and public favorite Bella Akhmadulina.

So, here are the books that were stored in the home library of Vladimir Vysotsky:

  • Hamlet, by William Shakespeare
  • “Theatrical novel”, Mikhail Bulgakov
  • Bella Ahmadulina’s poetry collection
  • “Three laws of robotics”, Isaac Azimov
  • “Hope”, Zoya Voskresenskaya

Read more about their place in the life of the artist below.

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