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What to read about football? 5 books that will reveal football geniuses on the other hand

Lena Tarasova

What books to read about football?

We read about the lives of Yashin, Guardiola and Slutsky.

Football is a game that the whole world is watching with a fading heart. Spectacular matches, loyal fans, great teams and athletes who are endlessly admiring. Together with the largest book service LitRes we have made a selection of books that will help to understand the secrets of success of legendary football players and coaches.

Lena Tarasova

Lena Tarasova

non-fiction editor of LitRes Group

Tells what to read if football is your element.

“Lev Yashin. The goalkeeper of my dreams “, Valery Zhmak

The life story of the greatest goalkeeper in world football is reminiscent of action drama. The legendary Lev Yashin was one of the first goalkeepers in the USSR, who also began to play as a defender.


Thanks to a new impeccably honed technique, he received the nickname Black Spider, which figuratively characterizes his impenetrable protection and versatility in the field. The book is about the most important match in the life of a great athlete.

“Spartak 100 years: the history of the club”, Artem Lokalov

Not every football club is destined to become a legend. “Spartak” for a hundred years of its existence has succeeded thanks to coaches, fans and, of course, players. The book combines honest biographies of the club’s iconic figures, in which there is the joy of victory, resentment, funny coincidences and tragic failures.


They are intertwined in one big red and white part of the history of Russian football, which, despite difficult periods, retains its unchanging “Spartak spirit”.

“Leonid Slutsky. Coach from the next yard “, Igor Rabiner

Almost the best Russian sports journalist collected in his book little-known facts from the life of the head coach of CSKA and the Russian national football team Leonid Slutsky. For example, about his work in the Volgograd “Olympia”, where he coached the guys, two of whom became bronze medalists of Euro-2008, about the betrayal of a best friend, about the peculiarities of coaching style.


To find out, the author of the book spoke with more than ten interlocutors – from Slutsky and his mother to the president of CSKA Eugene Giner. The text is accompanied by unique photos from the personal archive of the first-ever national team coach who did not play at a professional level.

“Win at any cost,” Steven Gerrard

Legendary Liverpool player and England captain Steven Gerrard wrote this autobiography to share the secrets of his sporting success, tell the reasons for his mistakes and note outstanding colleagues in the field – from Luis Suarez to Jose Mourinho.


In this honest book, the footballer for the first time spoke in detail about his 114 matches for the England national team, including the World Cup and the European Championship, as well as playing for Liverpool, to which he dedicated 28 years of his life.

“Pep Guardiola. At the peak “, Guillermo Balaga

One of the strongest coaches in world football, Josep Guardiola, managed to make Barcelona the strongest team in the world in just four years. How did he manage to approach the legendary Messi? What made him go undefeated to another team and another country?


The book opens the football “behind the scenes” and highlights the hidden from the majority and unobvious turns of life of the legendary coach.

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