Book of complaints. “Connected” and the purchase of Microsoft XBox Series X

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Retailers often try to sell scarce goods with additional accessories, which is, in principle, illegal, but many turn a blind eye to this. Below is the story of our reader, Dmitry bought a game console in the “Connected”, and here’s what happened. Let’s read his letter.

Eldar, good afternoon.

You are probably well aware of the situation with game consoles in the market (their shortage).

On January 8, I saw on Svyazny’s website that the Microsoft Xbox Series X game console is available in the store in the European shopping center, I made an order, I had to pay on the website.

But since lately, very often the situation that you pay, but not available and offer to wait or return the money.

After the order, I did not start paying immediately, but called Svyaznoy, where I was confirmed that I was available and I could drive myself to make sure and pay (it takes 2 hours).

After 40 minutes I was in the store, the console was really available, but the sellers offered to pay me at their terminal, not on the link from the online store.

Since it was not important to me, I paid in the store.

Picking up the console, I asked about the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 12 months [Цифровая версия] which comes complete with the console as indicated on the website.

To understand, the very imposition of Game Pass already violates the ZZPP, as it is forbidden to impose additional goods, but Svyazny apparently not profitable to sell the console on the RRC for 49,990 rubles. So they came up with such a clever move that you can only buy with Game Pass which costs 10,776 ₽

And thus the cost of the console was 60,790 rubles.

Well, realizing that there is no other way to buy, people agree to it.

In my case, I was told that once I paid in the store, it is not an online order, but a retail purchase and the code is not attached to it, then came up with a story that someone returned the console and forgot the code (but why am I here why I paid for it, could not explain)

I called the hotline, I was offered to return the console and I will get my money back, and then, when it appears on the site and if I manage to order it, they will sell it to me with Game Pass. (What nonsense, and such a feeling that realizing that it did not roll, they had to return the console to the store in any way).

I refused to return, then on the hotline I was offered to send them a check in the mail and they will solve the problem.

As you may have guessed, the decision was “The Fool Himself” and we don’t owe you anything.

Buying in the center of Moscow from an official online retailer, I felt like a Gorbushka in the early 90’s.

I will be grateful for your help in covering this situation and resolving it.

Although now, after such a boorish attitude on the part of Svyazny, I would be more satisfied with the decision not to issue a code, but to return the money for it.

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