Bonya filmed Smurfit’s grown-up beautiful daughter

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The TV presenter shared the footage with Angelina. The girl is already showing her character.

Victoria Bonya. Photo: social networks of the star

Victoria Bonya used to be a member of “House-2”. It is noteworthy that the secular lioness was able to become famous. She started a clothing brand and became a beauty blogger. Bonya has been living in Monaco for many years.

There she built a relationship with millionaire Alex Smurfit. The lovers parted, but continue to be friends and raise daughter Angelina. Not so long ago, the girl turned 10 years old.

After a holiday in Bali, Victoria returned home to the coast. She does not hide that she likes to sunbathe and go shopping. Most often she is accompanied by her daughter. The day before, they ate burgers, but the heiress refused to share with her mother.

The secular lioness admitted that the girl inherited this character trait from her father. But this time Victoria asked her why she had done so.

“Now we are going to McDonald’s to buy a burger. Tell me, why didn’t you give Mom a burger yesterday? Everyone is worried. Everyone thinks you’re greedy, “said Bonya.

“You bit off half a hamburger,” the baby said.

“No, I just have a big mouth. It seemed to you, “said the star.

And then she caught her daughter falling asleep in the car. At the same time, Victoria admired her long and thick hair.

“Angie’s hair color is the coolest, when it burns straight gold strands appear,” she said.

Fans admired the touching footage. Many noted that Angelina is growing up beautiful. “It’s so cute”, “Children are just sincere”, “How cool she is”, “Vika, well, she’s just all in you”, “She doesn’t give her mother much to eat, it’s good”, “Hair is just luxurious”, – began to write Web users.

Angelina Smurfit. Photo: social networks of the star

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